Quality Portable Air Conditioning Units in London

No home, office or emergency is the same. At Chilly Pepper Hire, we offer a range of portable air conditioning units to bring cool and calm in any situation. Whether it’s an overheated office or a sweltering home, Chilly Pepper Hire can provide both pre-booked and emergency solutions within London and the South East at an affordable price.

To successfully cool a room, you must ‘eject’ heat and replace it with cool air. To work out how much cooling power you will need, you also need to consider how much heat is being produced. But don’t sweat – at Chilly Pepper Hire, we have created a calculator tool to work it all out for you! Check out the tool and find the best portable air conditioning units for your needs.

Portable Air Conditioners

Currently the most popular cooling system which also have a special dehumidification mode. They come in two distinct groups; those with water bottles or  drainable tanks (often called monoblock), and those without (called Air-to-Air machines or Self-Evaporating). In the process of cooling your room, air-conditioning systems collect water. In monoblock systems this water needs to be removed from the machine manually, in Air-to-Air machines the water is automatically evaporated and disposed of with the hot air. Hot air is blown from the hose attached to your machine and therefore must lead into another area, such as a vented false ceiling, out of a window or into a corridor.

The standard length of a hose supplied with the unit is about 1 metre however most clients require an extension hose. We can provide extension hoses, normally at no extra cost. We deliver throughout London and the South East.

Many of our Air Conditioning Units can also function as very efficient heaters, in heat-pump mode. Please contact us to confirm if this function is available on your chosen unit.

We make it easy for you – our 3 step system is quick and simple and we can deliver on the same day! HIRE YOUR AIR CONDITIONING UNIT NOW!

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